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Criminal Justice, Courts & Public SafetyCross FunctionEconomic Development & RegulationFiscal Policy & AnalysisGovernment Operations & EmployeesHealth & Human ServicesHigher EducationJustice & Public SafetyNatural & Cultural ResourcesOther TopicsPublic EducationState BudgetTechnologyTransportation


Business & Economic DevelopmentCriminal Justice, Courts & Public SafetyCross FunctionFederal FundsGovernment Accountability & ConsolidationHealth & Human ServicesHigher EducationInsuranceLabor & WorkforceNatural Resources & EnergyOther TopicsPublic EducationState BudgetState Fiscal PolicyTransportation & Highways


Agriculture & Rural AffairsBusiness & Economic Development
Expand the Use of the System Benefit Fund to Support Energy-related Projects
Overview of the Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program
Strengthen the Board of Professional Geoscientists’ Ability to Investigate Violations
Criminal Justice, Courts & Public Safety
Consolidate State Criminal Court Costs to Reduce Complexity and Clarify Offender Obligations
Establish a Permanent Mechanism to Review Sentencing Policies and Control Criminal Justice Costs
Improve the Implementation and Assessment of Local Juvenile Probation Programming to Ensure Quality
Revise Medically Recommended Intensive Supervision Eligibility Criteria to Improve Identification of Qualifying Offenders
Cross Function
Conduct a Needs Assessment to Improve the Efficiency of Veterans Grant Allocations
Improve Future Significant Federal Funds and Stimulus Oversight
Improve Weatherization Assistance Program and Expanded Federal Programs
Overview of Career Pathways in Texas Public Schools
Overview of Federal Homeland Security Funds in Texas
Overview of the Affordable Care Act Funding and Costs in the Texas State Budget
Overview of Veterans’ Employment Challenges and Resources in Texas
Reduce Obesity by Authorizing a Consumption Fee on Sugar-sweetened Beverages
Use Public-private Partnerships to Increase the Number of Grocery Stores in Low-income Areas
Federal FundsHealth & Human Services
Amend Supervisory Requirements of Delegated Prescriptive Authority
Authorize Counties to Fund Medicaid Coverage for Newly Eligible Adults with Local Revenue
Ensure Sufficient Oversight of Foster Care Redesign
Identify State Costs Related to Determining Client Eligibility for Entitlement Programs
Implement Additional Cost Containment Strategies for Foster, Relative, and Protective Daycare Services to Maximize the Number of Children Served
Improve Assessment and Resource Use in Community Programs
Improve the Cost-effectiveness of Family Cost Share Provisions in the Early Childhood Intervention Program
Increase Food Security by Improving the Consistency of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Eligibility Policies
Leverage the State Inspection Process to Increase Person-Centered Care in Nursing Facilities
Maximize Federal Funding to Texas Hospitals Receiving Medicaid Supplemental Payments
Maximize the Use of Dental Hygienists to Increase Medicaid-eligible Children’s Access to Preventive Dental Care
Maximize the Use of Private Health Insurance Coverage for Clients Served by the Department of State Health Services
Overview of State-funded Services for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Texas
Provide Oversight of Managed Care Organizations to Ensure Appropriate Use of State Funds
Reduce Unnecessary In-office Diagnostic Ancillary Services in the Texas Medicaid Program to Control Costs
Require Non-physician Medicaid Services be Reimbursed at Non-physician Rates
Use Alternative Settings to Reduce Forensic Cases in the State Mental Health Hospital System
Higher Education
Develop a Comprehensive Strategic Plan for Adult Basic Education to Meet State Workforce and Education Goals
Improve Online Distance Education at Community Colleges by Using Cooperative Contracts and Open Education Resources
Limit State Financial Liability and Increase Debt Service Transparency for Tuition Revenue Bonds
Maximize the Capacity of Nursing Education Programs to Reduce the Shortage of Nurses in Texas
Overview of Distance Education at Texas Community College Districts
Reduce the Number of Uninsured Drivers by Establishing a Low-income Automobile Insurance Program
Natural Resources & Energy
Enhance State Participation in Municipal Water Conservation
Fund the State Water Plan to Ensure Adequate Future Water Supplies
Improve Utility Reporting to Ensure State Entities are Effectively Managing Water Use
Other TopicsPublic Education
Limit State Funding of School District Participation in Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones
Overview of Bilingual and English as a Second Language Programs in Texas Public Schools
Overview of Gifted and Talented Education in Texas Public Schools
Overview of State Financial Monitoring Systems in Texas Public Schools
State Employees
Increase State Employee Awareness of Life and Disability Insurance Benefits
State Fiscal PolicyTaxes and Revenue
Clarify Eligibility for the Exemption of Property Used in Manufacturing from the Sales and Use Tax
Clarify Hotel Tax Statutes to Prevent Future Revenue Losses
Create Tax Parity for Consumers of Computer Software Programming Services
Index Certain Taxes and Fees to the Consumer Price Index to Reduce the Loss of Purchasing Power
Modify the Even-exchange Exemption to the Motor Vehicle Sales Tax to Limit the Risk of Abuse
Modify the High-Cost Gas Tax-Rate Reduction to Increase its Cost Transparency and Effectiveness
Restructure any Future Rounds of the Certified Capital Company Program to Improve Efficiency
TechnologyTransportation & Highways
Better Integrate Seaport Connectivity with the State’s Transportation Planning Processes
Close Loopholes Related to the Renewal of Motor Vehicle Registration and Inspection
Evaluate the Benefits of and Limit State Highway Funds for Travel Information Center Operations
Overview of Texas Seaports


Criminal Justice, Courts & Public SafetyCross FunctionFederal FundsHealth & Human ServicesHigher EducationOther TopicsPublic EducationTaxes and RevenueTechnology


Business & Economic DevelopmentCriminal Justice, Courts & Public SafetyCross FunctionFederal FundsGovernment Accountability & ConsolidationHealth & Human ServicesHigher EducationLocal GovernmentNatural Resources & EnergyOther TopicsPublic EducationState EmployeesTaxes and RevenueTransportation & Highways


Criminal Justice, Courts & Public SafetyCross FunctionGovernment Accountability & ConsolidationOther TopicsPublic Education


Business & Economic DevelopmentCriminal Justice, Courts & Public SafetyCross FunctionFederal FundsHigher EducationOther TopicsPublic EducationTechnologyTransportation & Highways


Criminal Justice, Courts & Public SafetyCross FunctionHealth & Human ServicesOther TopicsPublic EducationTechnologyTransportation & Highways


Criminal Justice, Courts & Public SafetyCross FunctionHigher EducationOther TopicsPublic EducationTechnology


Criminal Justice, Courts & Public SafetyCross FunctionOther TopicsPublic EducationTechnology


Cross FunctionHigher EducationOther TopicsPublic Education


Cross FunctionOther TopicsPublic Education


Cross FunctionHigher EducationOther TopicsPublic Education


Cross FunctionHigher EducationPublic Education


Cross FunctionHigher EducationPublic Education


Higher EducationPublic Education


Cross FunctionHigher Education


Public Education


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