Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Open Records Policy for the Legislative Budget Board (LBB)?

The Open Records Policy can be accessed here and it is also located on the Contact Us page.

Where can I go to get information about the LBB immediately?

The Open records email: email address can be used as well as directly by phone at: (512-463-6791) to get information immediately from the LBB.

How may I obtain a printed copy of a LBB document?

The LBB does not distribute printed copies of documents that are available publicly or that are available on the LBB website. Most documents issued by the LBB during the last two legislative sessions may be downloaded from the LBB website. Printed documentation not available through the LBB may often be obtained by contacting the Legislative Reference Library (512-463-1252), the Library and Archives Commission (512-463-5455), or your local public library.

How quickly are documents uploaded to the website?

Most documents are uploaded to the website within two weeks from the date of publication; however, delays can occur during key periods of the budget cycle.

May I interview a member of the LBB staff?

LBB staff members are not available for interviews. The LBB website contains many resources for budget related information. Please contact the LBBs Public Information Officer about information not contained on the site. Questions may also be submitted in writing to the LBB (fax 512-475-2902) or emailed to Open Records.

What can I do to get information from the LBB immediately when I need it to make a tight deadline or fulfill a professional obligation?

The LBB staff handles a tremendous volume of requests for information and documents, especially during the legislative session. The agency answers all open records and information requests as quickly as possible, but it cannot guarantee an answer on the same day a request is submitted. Specific questions about information not contained on the site should be submitted in writing to the LBB (fax 512-475-2902).

What are the duties of the LBB? How long has it existed? Who serves on the board?

The answers to these questions can be found on the LBB website. The duties of LBB personnel are listed under Responsibilities. The history of the LBB is available under History. Current board members are listed under Members, and previous board members are listed under Former Members.

Where can I find information on legislation other than the Appropriations Bill?

Texas Legislature Online is the most comprehensive resource available for gathering data about specific bills proposed during the legislative session. It displays a wealth of information including LBB a bill's author, the history and the text of a bill, the related fiscal note, bill analyses, witness lists, and summaries of committee action for a particular bill.

I need this month's issue of Fiscal Notes, but I don't see it on the site. How can I get a copy?

Fiscal Notes is a publication of the Comptroller of Public Accounts. Contact that office at 512-463-4000, or go to their website for more information.

If I don't like the budget that's being proposed, can I talk to the LBB about changing it?

The LBB’s function in the budget process is to assist the legislature with the details of drafting the state budget. At the start of a regular legislative session, a recommended budget is sent to both the House Appropriations Committee and the Senate Finance Committee. These two committees conduct public hearings on the Appropriations Bill. Any differences between the Senate and House versions of the Appropriations Bill are studied and debated by the Conference Committee on Appropriations. Although LBB staff assists the Legislature in this process, it has no authority over final funding decisions. Therefore, individuals wishing to voice concerns and criticisms about the budget must do so through the legislative process by contacting their state representatives, state senators, and the members of the committees.

I would like more information than the LBB has made available. How do I get it?

People who are unable to find the information they need on the LBB website may submit a request in writing to the LBB Open Records Coordinator (fax 512-475-2902), email the request to Open Records, or contact the LBB's Public Information Officer (512-463-1200).