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Fiscal Notes Statutory Basis
Texas Government Code, Chapter 314

House Rules
Click here to go to House Rules on Fiscal Notes: Rule 4, Section 33-34 (p. 53 – 55 of the Rules, p. 58 - 60 of the pdf file)

Senate Rules
Click here to go to Senate Rules on Fiscal Notes: Rule 7.09 (p. 52-57 of the Rules, p. 62-67 of the pdf file)

Fiscal Notes

State statute requires that the LBB prepare a fiscal note to accompany a bill or joint resolution as it goes through the legislative process. A fiscal note is a written estimate of the costs, savings, revenue gain, or revenue loss that may result from implementation of requirements in a bill or joint resolution. It serves as a tool to help legislators better understand how a bill might impact the state budget as a whole, individual agencies, and in some instances, local governments.

Where to Find Fiscal Notes

The Texas Legislative Council maintains a searchable database that contains information and documents, including fiscal notes, related to bills and joint resolutions as they travel through the legislative process.

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Guide to Fiscal Notes (Committee Staff)

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