LBB Teams

Staff at the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) are organized into several different types of teams. The state budget is divided into the nine functional areas of government identified below, and budget analysis teams are responsible for tracking the budgets and expenditures of state agencies, courts and judicial branch agencies and institutions of higher education in those functional areas. These teams are listed in the order by which they appear in the General Appropriations Act, from Article I to Article VIII (public education and higher education are both Article III - Education).

Additionally, the LBB houses teams charged with conducting state agency and school district performance reviews, as well as data analysis for criminal justice and other key areas. Teams are also dedicated to important cross-functional issues such as federal funds, revenue and estimates, and information systems. Not shown here are administrative teams relating to computing services, application support, and other administrative functions. For more information on LBB staff by team, please click here.